Monday, August 16, 2010

castles and abbeys

Places like this are so fascinating to me. To just think about how people lived their lives, and how at one point all the dusty furniture and peeling walls were brand new. To think of the parties and dinners and lives lived in places like this is very peculiar and wonderful.
We visited Hearst Castle over spring break, and besides getting a very sore throat from some sort of allergy to a plant there, I was in love with the place. It's perched up on a mountain in California surrounded by exotic animals that William Randolph Hearst had brought up, like zebras, and elephants!
The pools are dreamy, insanely dreamy. And they told us all about the parties and dinners and stars that would come! Seriously, my mom and I were in heaven as we walked through there, just in heaven. There is so much about it that was fabulous, and I think everyone should go there if they are ever in that area. I think I am definitely needing to go back.
note: my elementary school in California was named after this William Randolph Hearst's mother, fancy that!

and then there is Calke Abbey. I have never been there, but she has, and after looking it up, I just might have to make it a stop when I go to Europe someday. It's really fascinating, just how old it is and the things that are there, and to see how it declined is so intriguing.

Do you know of any other intriguing estates that are open for touring? I always want to go to the plantations and old houses in Georgia that Rhiannon at Liebemarlene always posts about. Or maybe I just want to live past eras. I try my best.

xo, Rosie

PS birthday party pictures are in the works! We all had such a wonderful time, it was quite a perfect birthday!


Karen said...

OK - so a friend of mine was there on a tour a few saturdays ago, and the tour ended early because the Hearst family was having a family party there that night. She said they had all sorts of tents set up and that the tour guide said they were going to swim and party it up at Great-great grandpa Hearts house. Augh! If only we could get an invite to that one. Could you imagine? At least it's comforting to know that the family still uses it! xoxo

Stephanie said...

I remember going to Hearst Castle 10 years ago and I've been wanting to go back ever since.
I just discovered your blog. It's really cute!

taylorkitto said...

hey! i live about 20 minutes from hearst castle :) how funny.
lovely pics :)