Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh so sweet

so, yes. I do realize I did not post all week.
I'm super sorry, but not really because today is my birthday and that is what I have been doing all week. We've been preparing for a little Sweet 16 grande fete of sorts. Maybe not this grande, or this grande, but it's going to be pretty grande, I think.

So here are some pretty pictures of birthday party-ish things for you to enjoy, while I enjoy my b-day.


birthdays are so strange.
but great!


Jen said...

Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Miss Scout said...

Dear Miss Rosie,
I have a number of things to tell you, so in order to keep them straight in my head as well as yours, I will number them.
#1 - I think your blog is absolutely lovely. Although I sure do wish that you would post more often.
#2 - Whenever I see you at school, ( which hasn't been recent since it has been summer, obviously) I secretly wish we were friends.
#3 - At the very bottom of your blog, the word creativity is spelled wrong. It has a misplaced i.
#4 - I am more jealous of your hair than you could even imagine.
#5 - I am in love with the fall collection for crewcuts, too. And I wish I could actually fit into it.
#6 - Happy Birthday.

- Miss Scout

P.S. Will you please post pictures of your birthday party?

Haleigh said...

seriously everything is so beautiful here!!! *magic* to my eyes