Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swim, Rosie! Swim!

marysia swim at urban outfitters

While shopping the sale section at Urban Outfitters yesterday, we came across something glorious. The swimsuit pictured above (only sold online, and not online anymore) was tucked in between some miscellaneous skirts and things.

size = perfect
original price = $98 a piece
sale price = $43 a piece

We decided to go for it since, it's impeccably cute. And because you cant find them anywhere anymore. So, we marched to the counter with our lucky find in hand. The girl working informed us that it was the coveted secret swimsuit that everyone wanted. We felt glad that we went for it. She rang it in. Oh, what? A price change?

each piece was $9.99

what the what? not even the employees knew it was actually only $20! We felt happy! We felt glad! The employees told us to do a little dance and we did! What a deal we though, what a grand deal!

moral of the story: i got a coveted $200 swimsuit for $20




i'm jefra... said...

what?! oh my gosh!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome find!

Karen said...

that's the happiest story EVER! What a "still of a dill!" (that's my Ut-ah accent!) hee. hee.


taylorkitto said...

so so so so jealous!!! i'm dying for that swimsuit.
i can't get over how cute it is.