Thursday, September 30, 2010

the time is now one-forty-eight. in the morning.

I couldn't go to sleep because the news posted previously was keeping me awake :)
So I just decided to finish this post.
ps, it was written about yesterday, but is in present tense...

 School didn't start until noon for our grade, due to sophomore testing. So, I stayed up late last night (nothing special, I always stay up late) watching this movie and neglected doing my homework in exchange for a dance party with my little brothers.

Then this morning, I happened upon this blog, which made me want long hair even more terribly than I already do, so I copied her hair style, but with a twist to accommodate my length. I then proceeded to take some pictures in the morning sunlight, and finish my homework.

It was strange going to school so late. I wouldn't mind it if it were like that everyday, but only one day kind of threw me off.

In other news. I have lots of good things to show you. I just haven't taken the time to share, but I will show you soon, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone has had a cheerful day!

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