Thursday, October 21, 2010

Away I go to NYC

Well lovies, I'll be taking off in just a few short hours!

Don't miss me too much!

If you'd really like to know, I'm nervous and pre-trip homesick like always. And I'm mostly just hoping that the big apple is everything they say it is. I've always imagined it to be some trip back in time- Coney Island in full swing, chic Gatsby parties being held all around the city, newsies, and all that jazz. I don't really expect all that to come true, but I'm hoping there is still some classic NY left in the world :)

This time tomorrow I'll be attending an opening party at Juicy Couture!

Wish me luck in NYC!

oh, and please keep voting on the poll. i am still needing advice!

1 comment:

Jeni said...

I have had a piece of paper in my planner for a while now and it had your blog address on it. Someone gave it to me. I don't remember who, but someone I need to thank. Because not only do I think you're the most adorable girl, but I already know you. You have helped me at Dear Lizzie. I love your Mom and her most beautiful shop in the world.

p.s. You will love NYC. Have the black and white cookie that is sold in just about every deli there. They're famous for it and my boys ask for them. They are so good.

Also try to go to Serendipity and get their frozen hot chocolate.

Wishing you a great time!