Thursday, October 21, 2010

oh I got a brand new pair of booties.

I bought myself shoes, see?

please note: deliciously chunky heel.
they just so happen to be these shoes: 

I don't know why my mom even let me look at them with my eyes, 
let alone try them on, let alone even consider buying them, 
let alone let me spend my whole paycheck in one fell swoop.
Let's just make it clear that I've had compulsive-purchase-guilt 
for about a week over them.

ooh, but i do love them so.

which brings us to the question of the day:

Shall I keep them and allow the lovelies to come with me to NYC


Return them to their original shelf and find a reasonably priced pair?

Let me know, in the poll below.
(I mostly said that because it rhymes.)
But really. Do it.



Laura Hall said...

dearest rosie:
sometimes splurging on a particularly fantastic item that we love oh so much is worth it. in this case, i believe these pretties suit you and look quite fabulous on you.

keep them, and enjoy them! no guilt necessary :)

Jeni said...

They are too cute not to keep. Nordstrom should just compensate you for doing great advertising for them.

crystal said...

These gorgeous shoes will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come! They are classic. Keepsies! Have fun in NY