Wednesday, November 24, 2010

alabama, arkansas.

So... you know how I said I had only attempted short films?
Well, here is my attempt.

and sorry that at the beginning you get to experience my brothers and I in our full road trip glory. Pillows, t-shirts, and singing very very loud.

{Home from Rosie J on Vimeo.}

ummm, I feel like I have a lot of explaining to do so...
would you like to know some secrets about it?

the car we drive by at 1:10 is my brother and his friends on their road trip.

at 3:16 we are driving to go see General Sherman (the tree.)

and around 3:52 is what it looks like driving out of the Sequoia's down the mountain, and I was getting a major earache from swimming + altitude adjustment, so I blame that for the less good videography.

around 1:15 you can hear us watching Pretty In Pink. she says "What about mom?" and "I really envy you!" oh, my favorite movie. you know.

would you like to know some background about it?

we went to go visit my cousins, you can see them waving at the end of the film.
the barn you see in some of the video isn't their house, it's just a barn we went to, but you know, might as well be their house.

all filmed in or around Lindsay and Visalia California.

one last thing...

it's in chronological order over a few days. that is why there is a sunset at the beginning. it's the only filming I got of the first ride there!

what do you think?
I think I want to go back.

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