Friday, November 26, 2010

i love swimwear in the winter.

I've been thinking about this since last summer, ever since I grasped the idea that it could be possible to make my own swimsuit, since none I saw were fitting any expectations. I loved the idea of a map-print swimsuit. a) the colors are so pretty, blue and cream with little bits of red sometimes. b) it seemed fun. However, to no avail could I find anywhere that sold map-print material. of any kind! swimsuit or otherwise. So I let that idea fall to the wayside for a moment.

It was to my great surprise (and joy?) that this morning as I browsed Anthropologie, what do I find but...

not one, but two map-print swimsuits!

Its not completely the map I had envisioned, but still.  And then I thought, I could take this a few ways.
a) I'm so glad someone finally just took care of this map-print swimsuit idea so I don't have to make my own! b) oh dear, it was my idea first! c) me and Anthropologie belong together. great minds think alike.

I think I'll go with a and c.
(okay maybe a little teensy bit of b in there, but there's no use in complaining.)

and for extra measure, I found these...

raise your hand if you want to be Marie Antoinette for a day.
(I don't know about you, but my hand is raised.)

not intended to be worn simultaneously with map-print swimsuit.
unless you really must, and you are crazy.


PS, how was everyone's Thanksgiving?

Mine was splendid. We had a quaint guest list consisting of my grandparents and brother who came down from college, and we ate merrily the delicious turkey my mother had prepared. All was well, and we finished the night with our absolute favorite Christmas movie of all time, A Muppet Christmas Carol. {No really, it's so good. We will be in mourning the day our VHS breaks.}

And then I felt like I could finally get into the Christmas spirit.


Miss Gabe said...

Several exciting things happened this morn while I read the 3 posts I had waiting from you...

1. I realized I could wear either featured swimsuit next summer since I won't be as chubby and you could spend all your summer days at my house with PENNY & ME!!!

2. You will be able to DRIVE to my house next summer, and in a car not on a bike!! either option will do though.

3. Penny really enjoyed the "home" music and wiggled and boogied almost the whole film

4. I am pretty sure I recognized some of the roads from Visalia since that's where friend Sara resides.

5. Also realized I could go on all your family vacations with you from hence forth since I won't need to stick around for "work"!!

SO many things.

Sharon said...

My hand is definitely raised!!! Amazing how a picture of shoes can totally make your day :)