Thursday, November 11, 2010

musings about museums

note: even more china reflecting in the mirror.
I was going through pictures on my mom's phone while creating posts about New York. (They're coming in no time!) And I happened upon this (really bad) picture of me while we were in Seattle at the SAM. It was a whole room filled with sets of china. I really liked it in there, so I made my mom get a pic of me with my favorite collection. Hooray!

Seeing this and remembering SAM and the art museums we saw in New York, made me think...
Utah needs more better art museums. 

Museums of dinosaurs and olympic paraphernalia is not cutting it for me anymore.
(although the dino museum is still pretty fun.)

I want to go to a museum with rooms full of china sets, and kids days with crafts, and Calder and Michaelangelo installations. It's all I ask.

That's all!


Karen said...

Rosie...if there is anybody in the world who could create an amazing museum in the middle of a desert, it's YOU! What are you waiting for? xoxo.

Haylee said...

Except for the Bean museum is allowed to stay. The two headed snake fascinates me. :)

Mallory and Hannah said...

i love love love the SAM! and that room of china.
i wholeheartedly agree.
i'm craving museum time. craving.
utah's lack of art is slowly killing me.

Rosie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one!
I've seriously been trying to think of schemes to start some sort of art museum/gallery. I say we do it! Who's with me? :)

Mallory and Hannah said...

can we please?
i am with you 100%.
museums are my life.