Thursday, November 11, 2010

THE NEW YORK DIARIES: the day we arrived

drum roll please....!
now commencing part one of the first tales 
of my new york trip ever to hit the world wide web!!
are you ready? set?
let us begin!

but first a word of warning.... a lot of these are like 'Rosie, go pose by that!' kind of vacation pictures, so if you really don't like pictures of me, you might want to find something else to read. If not, you're in luck! Because you can see plenty of shots of my face with various interesting New York things here!

- - -

After a red-eye flight taking us from 11 pm in Utah to 6 am in NYC, we got in the cab with weary (red) eyes and took off from JFK Airport to the big city. The cab driver was one of the lesser-good ones we experienced on our trip, and I arrived at the hotel feeling nauseous from his methods of dealing with traffic. Go really really fast. Slam on brakes. Really fast. Brake.

our first ever view of the city!

We got to our darling little hotel, The Plaza Athenee, and despite our being hours early for check-in, they got us a room to our delight! We headed promptly up stairs where we immediately fell asleep for six hours. Never again will we go red-eye.

the view outside our hotel window.
good thing we like looking in people's windows! :)

Feeling slightly more rejuvenated and less cab-sick, we made ourselves presentable and headed outside for our first walk in New York City, New York! All our dreams were coming true!

note: 'we' means my mother and I, neither of whom have been to New York.

We took our first steps onto the most lovely little street you could imagine for your first introduction to a place. The beautiful houses with their pretty doors and huge old windows were almost too much for us to handle! We came to the corner of East 64th Street and Madison Avenue and what do you know, there was Chanel, hooray!

Pics in the hallway, Mama joins in

I really do love Chanel. I really just do.
We continued down where we encountered a pretty little museum, Wildenstein, (which we visited later on in the trip). And then onto 5th Avenue, right at the entrance to the Central Park Zoo! Our walk down 5th Avenue included admiring the Bergdoorf Goodman windows, The Plaza, and seeing the incredible Louis Vuitton collection (from very a-far) in the window, but in real life! Those amazing clothes really are real! 

The Plaza
and that little girl in the corner was one of the most stylish children I've ever seen.
Seriously, the children in New York are very well dressed indeed!

we heart bergdoorf's windows.
{Louis Vuitton in reflection}
As our adventure continued we realized that we hadn't really eaten for pretty much a day, and that we were starving. So we took a quick detour to the first suitable restaurant we could find.

I ate mini-burgers and fries while Mama ate a yummy salad.
This is also the first time I've ever taken a picture of my food in a restaurant, and felt really weird about it, and that ended my career of food-in-restaurant-photos. Maybe because it was really crowded and also a very classy establishment :)

After being fed, we made our way back and this time snuck inside Bergdoorf's, an extent of our window shopping and to escape from the cold for a moment. It ended up being freezing the first few days! There, we encountered the most incredible things you could think of... Lanvin earmuffs, glorious jewelry, and then the shoes... oh my! Louboutins! Chanel! Lanvin! Manolo Blahnik! and my first encounter with Prada and Miu Miu pieces in real life! It was an event to be sure!

We exited feeling satisfied with designer objects for the day. And made our way back to our pretty little hotel for our special event that evening.... to be continued!

standing on a bench along the fence outside Central Park
we snapped these on our way back.
to the ZOO and CAFETERIA
I'm in love with this place.



Karen said...

More! More! I want more! You are the luckiest girl alive. How fun. Keep it comin'! xoxo

Sharon said...

Can't wait for the next installment. So fun to live New York through your eyes!

crystal said...

I swiped the photo of the gorgeous black door with golden knocker. I am going to frame it. (perhaps i should print one for you, too, since I stole it from you)

I think i will also swipe the "To the Zoo & Cafeteria" sign and put it into the entryway to my kitchen. Wouldn't that be great?

Your tourism photos = my art.

Kaitlyn said...

My favorite is 'the view outside your hotel window'
I cried.
And then I wanted to go.
Let's commence "Earth Day But Not In November" soon

Rosie said...

Haha Crystal, would you like me to sign them for you? :) Just kidding.

and the view outside our window was just this little alley way, which is funny cuz it looks pretty in the picture but was kind of odd in real life!