Monday, November 15, 2010

somedays, coats and backpacks are an odd pair.

We found ourselves in a vintage shop on Saturday.
We were pleased with our finds. One including, this fur coat.  Black with a pretty brown collar.

I liked the shape, and decided I should probably keep it for my own self. 
I even wore it to school today. But I don't think it really worked out with my backpack, so I'll have to save it for other occasions. Like all the other places I go that aren't school. 
erm... home?

hooray for lean-y poses!
ps. the bow looks photoshopped.
it's not. it's real life.

When I went outside to take pictures of my vintage find, and it was a nicely overcast sky shedding a nice even tone across my backyard. Of course after two pictures the sun decided to come out and cast a wonderful shadow right across the middle of the photos. Literally, right across the middle. So this is the only useful picture I ended up with.

way to go sunshine!

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