Sunday, November 14, 2010

november 13th is a good day.

I interrupt the Tales of New York to bring special birthday wishes to two of my most favorite girls...

I'm really displeased about this photo of myself, but my mother looks so glamorous so I'll make the sacrifice.
Just ignore the left portion of the photo.
my mama!


my little cousin Lulu!

I'll just have to tell you the background on this picture...

While we were visiting them this summer, we convinced Lulu to let us dress her up in this vintage (boys) playsuit, and she even was kind enough to let me take pictures! Actually, she was very willing (because we're best friends) and let me tell her all sorts of poses to do, and she even came up with a few of her own! (Which is a feat with a 3-year-old red-head.) Anyways, we decided to send her this little picture as a prezzy preceding her real present, because we a) can't get over her little knees and b) decided it would be fun to dress the picture up in birthday best. So...

Happy Birthday!

PS: we die when we hear this song. Pretty much we just love Lulu.


Karen said...

This is my favorite post of all times! I absolutely love everything about it! That Lulu and Lola...What a perfect pair!!!! xoxo

Jeni said...

Happy birthday Laura! You are a super model and how cute is Lulu. And that name I just love love love.

crystal said...

Your mom looks glamorous--and HAPPY. She's obviously having a grand time with her girlie :)