Monday, November 29, 2010

this, madame, is versailles.

The weekend was full of listening to this song, dancing in the living room, and making crafts while watching Marie Antoinette, copying her neck ribbons and bows. The earlier part of this weekend also included playing with my friend from Iowa and the start of a short film (because I'm feeling really motivated about the whole short film idea still.) but then she had to leave early to dodge the blizzard, which is finally coming.  Also, I've worn my hair the same for exactly one week, everyday.

Then,  we ate home-made creme brulee.
That is my Thanksgiving in summary.

Now it's back to school, and struggling with mathematics and creating floor plans for interior design.
I can't wait for Christmas break.


crystal said...

Dear Rosie,
Someday you are going to be famous.

Auntie Crystal

elsie said...

I just happened across your blog... I think it's so lovely!! please continue!

hearts ♥