Tuesday, December 7, 2010

cutting edge?

 (admittedly not the most clever title ever made, however...)

CrewCuts is my best friend. It really is.
I know everyones seen these by now....


I mostly just wish I could wear striped leggings and not look crazy.
Who knows though, I might just have to sacrifice my non-crazy reputation.


Other thoughts sparked by these incredibly stylish children...

-Maybe I need a higher quality denim shirt than my Miley Cyrus 
 for Walmart one that's been getting me by...

-Maybe I actually just need blue sequin pants. Forget the black 
 grown-up version I've been drooling over for months.

-Maybe, don't be offended if I start wearing sunglasses with my party
 dresses and taking trips out to the salt flats. (I've never been to the
 salt flats actually...)

-Maybe, I should just figure out how to get a job at J. Crew to stop the
 madness (or would it only make it worse!?)



elsie said...

aw those are so sweet!!

crystal said...

If anyone could pull off striped leggings, it would be you.

Well, not actually pull them...off. Stay clothed, if you please.

I would LOVE to see a Rosie photo shoot at the salt flats! You would make it look pretty out there, instead of stinky.


i'm jefra... said...

never been to the salt flats either! want to go together and bring cameras?