Sunday, January 16, 2011

aïe! that is french for ouch.

My ankle in it's better days. So happy, just living life to the fullest.

So, my long weekend was kicked off to a great start.

I sprained my ankle.

Its the first time I've ever sprained anything.
It hurts really bad. I'm sad about it.
But I'm also super wimpy when it comes to injuries, soo...

Would you like me to relay the story to you? 'Cuz I will. It's kind of funny. Actually it's not really that funny, it just hurts. My feelings, and my feelings that feel physical pain. It went like this...

At 7:45 this morning I was scurrying out the door to catch my carpool to ballet. I was feeling all frantic, and silly, in my fuzzy snow leopard spirit hood, and zebra rain boots. When, as I stepped onto the sidewalk from my front walkway, bam. I was down. {Because of ice, you know.} I heard something scrunchy sounding {eeek!} and tried to make movements that looked like I hadn't just given up right then and there, and that I was trying to put some effort in getting to dance on time. So, I pulled off my rain boot {zebra striped, remember?} and held up one finger after they yelled out the window to see if I was okay. My hand was saying 'one second, I'm good.' my head was saying 'I think I am dead. For sure.' Luckily, my carpools dad was driving so he came to the rescue, decided that I was most likely not dancing today, and they aided me in getting to my porch, where my daddy came and helped me in. I got really light-headed at that standing part and felt bad that I was probably putting a lot of weight on everyone.

The rest of the day consisted of me crying, sitting on the same couch in one position for a whole day, reallllly freezing ice packs, and whimpering about with boredom {and mostly pain because I am wimpy}. Good thing my dad is super enthusiastic about serious ice-packing. And moving said injury around, and explaining it all so you get scared that it wont heal right if you don't.

I did get to go on one little adventure though, as I got to scoot around the house on my bum and try to get upstairs to change out of my ballet clothes. As it turns out, scooting around on bum is not as fun when you actually have no other options.  There was also this time when I fell asleep, and then did that jerky thing like when you feel like your falling, and flicked my ankle around. Definitely a low point of the day.

In memory of my poor ankle, when it was carefree and happy...
Ankle bravely navigating the streets of NYC

Ankle in it's favorite brand new pair of shoes.
ankle in it's favorite socks.
Ankle as a ballerina

Ankle on the first day of school.

I hope your Saturday went better than mine.
At least I re-taught myself how to crochet a little bit! And finished Through the Looking Glass. and sprained my ankle...



Cody said...

Oh desolee you poor thing! That does not sound fun at all :(

i'm jefra... said...

soohoo sorry about your foot! get better soon

Anonymous said...

so i feel like you are talking about a long lost dog or something and not about your left foot. some people get way too attatched to their body parts