Monday, January 17, 2011

if you want to send a get well present my way...

I'm only joking. Sitting on the couch with limited movement for two days has led me to do, what else, but search around online and want a bunch of things. I actually surprised myself with how little time I spent on the internets, in fact, I finished reading some books, and crocheted 10 granny squares! (so proud.) But then I ran out of yarn and have found myself on the computer again.

Here, I compiled all the things I want. It's a favorite pass time.

(1) Her H&M blouse (2) These dancing shoes. (3) This Nadinoo confection. (4) Her brooch collection and (5) Her bangs, scarf, and sunglasses. (6) This lovely little satchel.

I'm a little bummed about my ankle (har har, I'm a lot bummed actually.) But especially right now, because the weather is kind of lovely outside and I would really love to go on a walk around the park. I'm never really awake so early, but I love early morning light and walks around the park. Too bad for me. But let me tell you, I am terrified of walking outside now, and especially terrified of going to school tomorrow and riding the bus. Oh the dread!!


(PS, did you know it is really hard to write posts while listening to music. The words get all mixed up in my head... yargh.)

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