Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lets play tennis!!

It was quite the coincidence when I went outside into the real world for the first time in two days (to go to the doctor, I've been confined to a boot!) that I heard on my lovely XM radio a 'commerical' for the band Tennis. The point is, I kept remembering Tennis so when I got home I could have a listen.

But what do you know, when I hopped on iTunes, there they were! Free Discovery of the Week! or something. Basically, I got a free song. It was good times. But, I just looked again and the free song is gone, but despite, I still think you should go check out Tennis, because their songs sound like summertime, and like you are floating down a tropical blue wave in your cutest yellow suit with a swim cap on your noggin. Ummm, yes, I would say that is what it sounds like.

My favorite: Marathon by Tennis

Have a blast!

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