Thursday, February 3, 2011

heart on your sleeve. shoes on my shirt. bug in our yard.

SWEATER: Forever 21, SHOES T-SHIRT: J.Crew, BOOT #1: Nordstrom, BOOT #2: Ol' Patriot, HEADBAND: Dear Lizzie, BELT: borrowed and/or stolen from Rachel, SKIRT: Dear Lizzie.

Plus, I thought today would be a fun day to introduce you to the Beetle. It's a '74 and it belongs to my little brother. He got it for free. (What??) It's true! Long story, but the nicest lady in the world recognized his true love for VW's and kindly donated it to his cause. And now, I get to take pictures by it!!

and if I had my way with the weather, today would not have required boots and black tights. In fact, I think I would have appreciated this outfit a whole lot more if I had just gotten to wear no tights and my little short cowboy boots. and no Ol' Patriot either. and a better high-bun. But whatever.

stay sweet. don't fall over backwards.
(still not ready for that story.)

PS: to those whom invited me to Pinterest... here comes your hug! *hug* Hooray!

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