Wednesday, February 2, 2011

unfortunately, today turned dreary.

(photo from this little shoot a while back)

Today was a lame day, starting last night. All in regards to math tests and exhaustion. Which is the reason why there is no outfit post today. (Because my outfit today was a sweatshirt and the same jeans I wore yesterday, gah.) Also, today brought an embarrassing event which may have involved falling over (backwards), and which I am not yet ready to talk about in good humor. Maybe tomorrow.

But, there is still some good news! I found a pretty song. I did not realize it was from Shrek Forever After until after the fact, but no matter, it is still a good little tune. Here you are...


PS: If anyone out there wants to invite me to Pinterest, 
I'd be very thankful and send you hugs via the blog.


aubry. said...

i just sent over an invite - but you won't know who i am.... i'm aubry!

warning, though: pinterest needs more servers! i haven't been able to play around for a couple days. haven't they seen social network!?

Evie said...

Just sent an invite your way. I love me some pinterest. :-D