Friday, April 29, 2011

Across the Pond

Woohoo! What a wedding!
You bet me and my mother got up at 3 this morning to watch!
We fell asleep for all the leadings up to the balcony, and then in a panic had to reload the page, just before they came out. But all is well and gee wiz!

Isn't her dress gorgeous!? Although, we're a little underwhelmed with her bouquet...

And sometime Barbara Walters said strange things. But no matter!
I think such an occasion calls for skipping a little school... at least just to sleep in!
Did you watch?
XO Rosie


Anonymous said...

I was awake at 3 am also. What a treat it was :) I love classy dresses on a bride. And I love your classy little blog.

Chelsea said...

You are so beautiful! What a classy lady.

Ah. Her dress melted my heart. I am such a sucker for lace.

Love, Chelsea