Monday, May 2, 2011

a small victory for a new month

That's right, you read it!
Today, I had a small victory and then I felt awesome!
I stood up to an injustice. I called out a dumb someone for doing something dumb.

Okay, that is mean to say.
I'm sorry. But how else do you describe someone who's being dumb, besides dumb?


But really,
It all went down like this...

In class today we had to write down our response to the warm-up on the board, so the teacher was going through and talking with the class, and having those who wrote them elaborate. When she got to mine, I raised my hand, but someone else had beat me to it! (note: you can't beat someone else to their own answer.) He started talking about who knows what to the teacher (because he didn't write it so he didn't know anything) and the people around him were snickering and I felt unjust!! The girl in front of me turned around and I was like "I know! What the dickens!?"

I wasn't going to stand for those snickers and his entitlement, so I raised. my. hand.
"Actually, I wrote that one" I said!
and the teacher said, "You know, I was wondering because he doesn't know what he's talking about and it's sort of feminine handwriting." And I was like, "I know right!?"

Then the bell rang.
Which was anticlimactic, but if it hadn't I surely would have held my ground!

As I walked out someone next to me said something to the effect of "That was brave, I wouldn't have said anything!" And I thought, you know what, I wouldn't either, but he deserved it for being a goof all the time! Not today! This was a very big step because I am a quiet one who does not say things, just sits there harboring unjust feelings, I'm one to never pick any battles. But hey! Now, I'm probably ready to tackle the big injustices!

I think everyone should have a small victory every day.
While you do have to pick your battles, if you never pick any battles then how will you ever pick the ones that really are important?

Have you had a small victory? What was yours?

I love empowerment!
XO Rosie


Jenoa said...

I just discovered your blog. Love!
It feels great standing up for yourself. I need to do it more.

Anonymous said...

ha ha tessa i can totally imagine this. NOT! you would never do this so I am very surprised. i want to hear the story tomorrow. and i will!