Thursday, April 21, 2011

awkward and awesome.

-Trying to find a picture to go with this post. Clearly, I gave up.
-How every store is trying to be J. Crew right now
-Bringing a Dr. Pepper to school after lunch, and having to carry around the melty watered down remains in a clear cup for all to see.
-The part about the bus ride home where high schoolers throw cheese around. Literal cheese. It was like Junie B Jones, except not funny, not cute, and not first grade. Come on people!
- Reading Persuasion, and not being thrilled like I thought I would be.
-The stretched out shoulders of my sweater from the hanger.
-Music Festivals. Just saying... I always thought that was the cool place to be, until everyone else thought so too and the crowds turned from hippie people to fashion industry people dressing up like hippie people.

-San Rafael Cactus reports.
-A finally organized desktop (both real life and digital)
-Getting to learn about art in French class (the most art I've learned about all year! Including a semester of AP Art...) and getting to draw versions of paintings, mine was the Degas below.
-Afore mentioned lake adventures.
-Cool hair-do's using only one rubber band that I just invented this minute.
-New sunglasses (for $10 nonetheless!)
-Jefra visiting my photography club at school.
-How much I love my bangs
-A friend of mine starting a blog, he'd really love it if you stopped by.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY

XO Rosie


Ruby Girl said...

cute awkward & awesomes :) like the one about "trying to find a pic" haha. and every store trying to be jcrew. haha <3

ToTreasure said...


Oh I totally agree with you about Persuasion.

I picked it up the other day and I was oh so excited to read it. I thought I would be overly thrilled by it too. And for some reason it is just not working for me. . Not the bliss escape into the Jane Austen world that I had hoped for.

You are so sweet. Your blog is a delight.