Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Festivities

Toes hidden in the fluffery grass!

Too much candy already! It's only 11!
oh, that's my mama.

A row of peeps all for me!

Easter started with easter baskets, like usual. Yes,  even the college brother and I got easter baskets. I got my first pair of Toms, and a magazine that I chose for myself yesterday :)
Then we went to church and I dressed up. No new easter dress this year (because I think everyone forgot easter was coming up so fast.) So I wore one we already had, and felt fancy. Super lopsided bun and all.
After church we went to the neighbors with a bunch of our other neighbors where we dyed some eggs. 10 dozen. Then we went up to the top of the cemetery hill, and rolled them down. (not on graves, don't worry.) We saw who's went furthest, and mine did! Woo!
Then we came home, and played this. I won that too! It was good times. So good in fact, we filled up all of our plastic eggs so we could play it some more!

and this is my favorite Easter hymn that we sang in church today.

Now, I sit blogging. Nothing more to look forward to but a research paper to be written all in french and math. Which really gives me grief. (I hate math.)

And now, I tell you...

XO Rosie

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