Monday, April 11, 2011

PROM: the inspiration, part II

Let us continue!
I couldn't let these prom posts go by without including my favorite source of prom inspiration... Teen Vogue! Sometimes they just knock it out of the park with their prom stuff and then I get all antsy to dress up in some formal wear. Have a look at these, and see what I mean...

i don't like that boy model, he is kind of scary. not the best prom date I've ever seen...


(may or may not have seen this model speak at Fashion U. May or may not meaning for sure did.)

Isn't it both awesome and interesting that none of those photos feature strapless dresses? (well, there is one spaghetti-strap) But they've mostly all been creatively dolled up and now look extra wonderful!

Here are some things I love about the Teen Vogue prom outfits...

-t shirts with fancy skirts, that's a favorite look of mine and they 
 do it so well.
-button ups with fancy skirts.
-massive fluffy skirts toned down with boyfriend blazers
-lots of layery cool stuff that you probably wouldn't wear all of but that sure is super inspiring!
-those drawn on eyelashes in the top picture (probably not the best real-life option, but still.)

But let's talk about the shirt with formal wear idea, because I think it's sa-weet. (clearly, I'm a fan.)

Instead of a plain t-shirt, go for a pretty dressy blouse underneath a strapless dress or lovely skirt! With this, any pretty detailing on your dress won't get covered up and it will feel easier and less bulky than a shrug or wrap layered on top! My favorite options are...

Urban Outfitter's Sessun Eugineides Sleeveless Blouse ($235). If you don't like the collar/sleeveless featurettes, it comes in a similar sleeved version, Sessun Sara Blouse ($235)

and with that, I would get a glorious tutu. Very ballerina inspired, and looks & feels so feminine, pretty, and fun! (of course it reminds me of my favorite Oscars dress!). I, of course, love the Hand Dyed Tea Length Tulle Skirt ($260) and this Caroline Hand Dyed Ombre Skirt ($360) is amazing!!

It's also a plus that with most places like these (I'm guessing) you can get custom colors and sizes!

Coming up next... PROM: the shopping, part I

XO Rosie

PS: If you have already chosen your dress and need help finding a way to spruce it up, I'd love for you to send me a picture and we can see what we can do to help! Email me,
 Perhaps even a little post might be written about it!
    (with your consent, of course...)


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Too cool for school...TOO COOL.

Deb said...

I wish I could go to prom again so I could get a vintage dress from somewhere like Flour Clothing
So many pretty things.