Sunday, November 14, 2010

THE NEW YORK DIARIES: a couture evening

and we continue! 

once returning from our little stroll around 5th Avenue, we began getting ready for our first event of Teen Vogue Fashion University... a private party at Juicy Couture 5th Avenue!

We got all dressed up in our party best, and set off!

It was freezing outside, just so you know. The only kind of sweaterage we had was my little black cardigan and a grey wrap sweater. Not ideal for wind.

I admit, I was nervous as we approached the venue. They checked off our names on a list... oh yes, a list. And then led us through the exclusive entrance where they gave us wristbands (that just so happened to match my outfit, but my outfit matched the whole store so it only made sense) and then directed us upstairs to the party...

it was odd, but we matched so I got a photo.

spotted: in the mirrored staircase.

best best sunglasses ever to be on my face.
I wanted them like, so much.

The Downtown Fiction
I'd never heard of them, but they were pretty good you could say!

mirrors again.

more mirrors.
this time in the dressing room!

which sounds weird but its not.

juicy carpeting to match juicy wallpaper. so special.
sorry about my feet and the lemonade.

more boiz.
{we had to text people these pictures and the other one was on my camera}
{so... i got two photos.}

oh hey.
more mirrors.

Outfit details, If you were wondering...
t-shirt : j.crew
skirt : vintage, thrifted
headband : Urban Outfitters
necklace : vintage
belt: j.crew

{hey, that makes a chiasmus!}

not pictured...
cardigan : BP Nordstrom
shoes: Steve Madden, Nordstrom

After our fantastic event, we headed out with a purchase or two (I will post pictures of those later) and off into the freezing night to find our way to a broadway show. 

We didn't really know where exactly we were going, so we pleasantly happened upon several landmarks, such as Rockerfeller Center and suddenly we turned the corner and...

We were in Times Square!

The gray thing I am holding is my sweater
It didn't match my outfit, so I held it for the photo.
(I think my exact words were "Mom, are we in Times Square?" as we stood on the corner just outside of the landmark.) We headed over to try to find tickets to a show, and almost almost got tricked into buying Mary Poppins tickets from a strange lady, but we used our smarts and decided to head to the theater and hope for tickets there. 

I don't have any photos of the next events, but we had to wait in the cancellations line. We were second and the lady in front of us needed three tickets, and they had two! So, luck was on our side and we took them! The show we saw... Billy Elliot.  It was incredible and darling, the dancing, and the talent of a cast of mostly children blew us away! We were very please with our milk duds and first (or just my first) Broadway experience! 

(sorry, no pictures from here on out...)

After we were enlightened with Broadway talent, we decided we couldn't handle the cold and had to have jackets, so we went to Forever 21 Times Square (which is four massive levels, underground.) We went down every single floor just trying to find coats, had no luck, went back to the top where, of course, all the coats in the whole store were. It was practically midnight, we were sleepy, and not enjoying the music blasting in the chaos of Forever 21. So we hastily made a decision and left as fast as we could (after spending an hour there already.)

We were pleased as punch to get out of there, and even more pleased to have warm coats. We decided we couldn't possibly walk all the way back to our hotel without perishing, so we grabbed a taxi, which, ended up being one of the best cab rides we experienced on our entire trip! The first difference was that the driver was playing jazz! We were glad because we like jazz. And when we mentioned how glad we were that he was playing jazz, we was very nice and told us all about what jazz stations to listen to and where to find the best live jazz in the city, and all that jazz! (harhar) The best part about the jazz though, is that a) it was a nice calm change for us and b) the driver was a much better driver, and calmer himself! I say all cab drivers should play jazz. It was a nice way to end the eventful day!

Coming up... Rosie goes to University!



Miss Gabe said...

First concern: I'm quite certain that the boi you have pictures with is a wax version of a human, or that you photoshop-ed it together.

Second concern: are you talking about the Utah Jazz???

Third concern: this is the first comment I have left my beef in months!! Please accept my deepest apologies, and Penny's as well :)

We love our godmother Rose!

Miss Gabe said...

Blerg! The lengthy comment I just left you didn't post so now I have to attempt to write it again...good thing I love you!

First concern: I'm certain that the boi exhibited in listed post is a wax rendition of a human and/or you photoshop-ed it together.

Second concern: Are you talking about the Utah Jazz?!

Third concern: This is the first comment I have left my beef in mONThs!!! Please accept my deepest apologies, and Penny's as well :)

We love our pretty godmother Rose!

Miss Gabe said...

Beef!!!! Accept my comment! I now understand why my comments weren't posting, they must meet a certain standard I suppose :) Pick the best version though.

Jeni said...

Rosie you are the most adorable girl on the planet. And I think your mom is a rockstar. So glad you enjoyed New York and I have serious Juicy jealousy after reading about your party. Can't wait to hear more. I love that city.

Kaitlyn said...

The second boi has toussled hair. Just sayin.

sweetevis said...

what a cute style you have! I have those same shoes love them :)