Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PROM: the shopping, part I

Hello hello!
Its the post you've all been waiting for...! The post where we answer "where do I find this stuff!?"
There's no time to waste, let's begin!

The first step in shopping for your prom dress, is to think outside the box. If you really don't want your prom dress to look like 'a prom dress' then don't shop at a store that sells prom dresses! It's as simple as that! Instead, shop at a store that sells formal dresses! ie bridesmaid dresses, things of that manner... Very often, you'll find pretty options at your favorite stores!


I'm sure you've all heard of BHLDN by now, so lets cut to the chase. My mother and I both agreed that this Twirled Sweetheart Dress ($240) would be awesome for prom. A) It's super cute B) It's a reasonable price and C) It's super cute. Of course the floral is my favorite, but it comes in lots of solids too like 'grapefruit', 'dried lavender', and 'grass'.

It is strapless however but we'll talk about how to remedy that later.

I would pair it with... Oxfords! Yes, yes  I would! A pair of fancier oxfords with lacy little socks would definitely do the trick for me! It would probably be my excuse to finally get these Betsey Johnson 'Drrew' Oxfords ($90) that I've been wanting for too long!

Our second option, The Bowknot Pocket Shift ($260) is another dress that I really love. It's a little sleeker and chicer for the less fluffy kind of girl, but it's still super pretty and cute. Plus it does have pretty little sleeves that would look wonderful with a piece we carry at Dear Lizzie (but I'll have to show that to you later in a different post when I can get pictures. Stay tuned!!)

As for this, leopard print is the only way to go! BP.'s 'Frankie' Flat in Leopard ($60) is my favorite option, plus a simple flat is comfy and charming for a night out!

That's all I have for now darlings, because I just realized a math test is tomorrow that I am really... absolutely not prepared for. I'm a horrible scholar and mathematician.

XO Rosie

One last thing... I've heard it several times this year that girls are getting hung up on where they buy their dresses from because they don't want to have the same dress as someone else. To this I say... Let it go! Is it really so horrible that someone has your same dress? No. Why? Because if you really really love a dress and it's the best thing you've seen to date, are you going to let the fact that someone else already has it persuade you into getting a dress that you don't like so much? Hopefully not. And really, you'll make it uniquely yours! They won't have the same shoes, hair-do, purse, and sweater as you! I promise, you wont remember that someone had the same dress as you in a sea of 2,000 prom-goers, you'll remember that you loved your prom dress and that you can't wait to share it with your posterity!

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