Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lake Shores and a BFF

Well Hey!

Right this moment, I am successfully wasting time that could be spent finishing my english paper and getting to bed early. (I really only have an intro, ending, and a paragraph or two more to finish... mmm, that's actually a lot.)

However, I really couldn't help but to post about today's adventure with my very favorite BFF. Her name is Gabe and sometimes I think she is Audrey Hepburn (this is the first she'll hear of this thought, aha!) She is smart, pretty, clever and older than I which means we can drive places! Today, we drove to the lake and ate good burgers and fries... or I just ate the burgers and fries.

The lake was beautiful today, recently melted and all sparkly and stuff. 

And this song was playing in my head, which was good because I needed to connect it to a pretty day instead of the dreary day that it had been while I listened to it for the first times.

Did you have a lovely lake adventure with a bestie today?
I sure hope you did, because they are the best kind of adventures.

Now back to Wordsworth and Byron!

Oh, I couldn't forget the least flattering of all...! Aha!

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Miss Gabe said...

On this dreary day I am full of sunshine from you special-est BFF. Ohh how you can take my breath away...
I am also fashioning a mental chain countdown until you are released from school for many consecutive days in the summertime so that we can get you a license and means to drive to me oft. I will still be the designated driver for adventures since I can REALLY text and drive at the same time and keep us safe. (Oprah if you are reading this, I am merely kidding...(if you really ARE reading this O, please don't do any more shows that are unsettling for my beef and I))

DYWofH Director Gabe