Thursday, June 2, 2011

awkward and awesome

-Not being at Noah & The Whale
   I had such high hopes for a grand pen pal adventure when we found out about the concert a few months ago, but as fate would have it, arrangements could not be made. We are devastated. They are, after all, our theme song band.
-The sun was out, but so was the wind and the 50 degree temperature.
-There are no pictures in this post because that is the way to go.

-New swimsuit that I really really like! Except for that it is a size too small, but that is soon to be fixed!
-The little brother is getting a cool new haircut
-The older brother got his wisdom teeth out. It is funny.
-the little Bunny Noir is my best friend.
-The time is summer. Ready set go.


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