Wednesday, June 1, 2011

summer. it's upon us!

FOLKS - I almost forgot to tell you...

You heard it. No more school for me (until the year next)!!
I did fabulously well on all of my finals. (A's on all, thank you very much.)
I get to boast about this because I never do so great on finals, so this is an occasion to boast.

And even though I'm missing out on a good concert with my pen pal, because she's in Iowa or whatever, things are still looking up. Because summer = time, and time = blogging!

xo rosie

...don't just stand there!

PS (I still ain't tellin' you what concert because I'm greedy. Okay fine, it was Noah & The Whale. Dont tell me about it, I'll be too jeal.)

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Kaitlyn said...

Good Pictures, Holmes!
Can I have some of them?