Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

Teen Vogue writes some good articles about teens and their tanning habits. And now that it's summer, the word should be spread even more. Read this today, pass it on, etc. Because it's such a silly thing to risk your life for! The best part about this article is that in the swimsuit editorial that comes a few pages after, the models aren't tan at all!

Here's some advice for you: I put sunscreen on my face every morning on sunny days. Not just an spf make-up but real sunscreen. So far, it's been worth the time it takes to work into my 'beauty routine' (which is basically just putting on mascara). For all of you pale-skinners out there, you ought to too! 



Kaitlyn said...


I'm anxiously awaiting field pictures, friend.

Kaitlyn said...

Via E-mail would be fine