Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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I wrote a post last night at midnight, but used my better judgement and did not post it, good thing too, because I think I made up a word somewhere in it.

Today doesn't even feel like it happened. I woke up with a headache and am going to bed with a headache, I can't hear myself think. And I have such itchy eyes from allergies I hardly know what to do.

 In case you were wondering this song has been on repeat in my brain for four days!! Surely, Les Mis is great but not after four days nonstop in the brain, it's really becoming an issue. Go to 3:18 in the video to hear what I mean.

I think I'll go make mashed potatoes. But it will be hard because my headache is such that I can hardly think. (Is there are song lyric that says 'such that I can hardly speak'? Yes yes, Frank Sinatra, I knew it.)

This headache.

is there are song lyric?

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