Monday, June 6, 2011

"this isn't Lay Miz this says 'less miserables'!!" -Scout

I spy the moon!!
I saw Les Miserables with my family tonight! But I didn't even cry! I had been so prepared to sob, but all I got was a furrowed brow. I think I was so caught up in my expectations and then seeing what it really was that I couldn't think about how teary I should have been. When we first really started listening to the soundtrack I could sit in my room and cry all I wanted, but when it was there in front of me I was too caught up in everything about it that no tears came forth! Despite my lack of deep emotional response, the production was still very beautiful and of course, very tragic. Jean Valjean had an amazing voice, as did really everyone. If there is one thing I wish I could do it's sing. Oh, what it would be like to sing with so much power and emotion and again so soft and breathtaking. I really loved it! It was surprising that the songs I liked most in life weren't all the solos that you know by heart, but instead the big ensemble 'battle marches'. Those people can sing.

"Stars, in your multitudes, scarce to be counted, filling the darkness, with order and light."

i was trying to tell my mom she wouldn't be able to see us, but it's probably for the better cuz i did not look darling.

Guess who's brain is stuck on Les Mis now...

PS: In case you were wondering, les miserables basically translates to poor wretches. I've wondered that my whole life, so I finally looked it up. Fun fact.
PSS: So, I'm listening to the soundtrack in my room, and am totally bawling. Right now. I guess it was just the moment because this music is still as weepy as ever.

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Kirstin said...

I love Les Mis! Bring Him Home gets me everytime...