Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prada, Why I Oughta...

Hey look! A double post day? This hasn't happened in quite some time! But what did I tell you... summer brings good things!

Prada did an incredible collection for Fall 2011 and I had to share it, because I keep thinking about it and being obsessed. If I don't start talking it out of my system things could get crazy. So take a look and see what I mean...

Okay. Number one: Those mermaid-scale dresses are making me swoon. Something about them is mesmerizing. It might be because I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday (and when I see a movie, my brain gets stuck on it forever and everything I think about is full of that movie. That happened with True Grit, The Kings Speech, Pride & Prejudice, all those good things.) But somehow it happened with Pirates of the Caribbean so now I'm all stuck on this mermaid pearlescent and kind of neon pink idea. Cool.

Secondly: What will I do without those boots in my life. You tell me. Mary-janes with python socks all mooshed into a pair of boots. They're odd-balls, but I'm in love.

Lastly, The makeup is the best I've yet to see as of late. And a plus is that it's easy to recreate. In fact, I even just recreated it five minutes ago. I was already half way there because I didn't wear any mascara today. (I am stunning without mascara on, if you know what I mean.  Like "does that girl have eyelashes!?? stunning. Get it? No? Okay never mind.)

So yes. Obsessed.
Go see Pirates of the Caribbean or something.

PS: This emerging trend of python snakeskin stuffs reminds me of how I had a pair of burgundy snakeskin pants when I was young, that were mostly just plastic. Elementary school was excellent.

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Avery Jalaine said...

Oh hey, this is the best thing I've ever read! I laughed 4 times, minimum. Probably more.


p.s. we aren't really friends but we kind of used to be, sort of.