Friday, July 1, 2011

I went to camp.

Oh Hey!!

Look at me, I'm back! You may not have known I even left, but I did.
I went to Lake Powell for camp.

It wasn't much of 'camp' because we stayed on houseboats and I only touched shore maybe a combined 1 hour out of 4 days. (Probably the reason why I feel like I'm about to tip over and can't go up and down normal stairs now that I'm home).

I had a disposable camera but didn't take it out until the very end. I knew I'd want pictures to blog, but my favorite times of day never saw the lens of the disposable. When the sun was right over head I could have gone home and not missed it, but the mornings and evenings and nights were enough to keep me around.

We slept up on the roof under stars.
When I woke up the white roof was glowing in the purple and pink and blue light of the crack of dawn.
It was windy up there. But it was cooler than anywhere else.
Then the uncharacteristic sun bore down on us until...
The evening when the sky turned purple (matched my nail polish) and the canyons made big shadows over the lake.

One morning the water was glass.

I'm quite acquainted with the morning and night boat rides because I was a baby and got to go out to get reception and call my mom. Three cheers for calling home!!!

One night we stayed up late on the roof (like girls at camp do) and clouds rolled in, we got sprinkled on, and the stars were only visible through little patches.

We made jokes about ring tailed cats, and kayaked out to a crevice in the rocks where we saw 7 lizards (woohoo). Then we wiped out pretty bad on the tube and that was the beginning of extra-nausea inducing 'head injuries.' Turns out, unless you are bleeding, bruised, or in need of icing, no one thinks your injuries are worth their attention. (But let me tell you, we hit the water head first, on the same crash that bruised/cracked a girls rib. How's that for a head injury.)

and the best part is that I escaped sunburn free.
Which is more than most people could say.
Turns out rash-guard turtlenecks and a big hat and towels over your legs pays off.
And I had just as much fun as anyone.


PS: this is basically what it looked like.

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