Sunday, July 3, 2011

zut alors

I took a huge sigh of relief when I realized I still have 7 years until I'm 23.

7 years is a long time.

I can handle 7 years.

I can't handle, however, the fact that there are less than 2 months until I'm a senior in high school.

I can honestly say that every single day, I daydream about future endeavors as a high school graduate. College, study abroad, jobs, etc. I've got a lot of dreams to live up to. But when I realize that those will be happening in one year, I feel a huge disconnect.

"I've never seen myself as a senior"
"It's so much sooner than I thought"
"I can't even go to camp with people I know without calling my mom"
"I don't know how to grocery shop or fix a car or take the right train!!"
"I don't want to leave home!!!"

so I decide not to think about it.
because that's the best way to overcome fears.



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Cody McWilliams said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Today someone asked if I was a senior, and I said no. But technically, I am! I'm still not used to it at all. We can be worried seniors together:)