Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pack it up, Rosie.

Let's be honest. Packing for New York is probably the hardest thing ever to pack for.
Correction: packing for New York when your purpose there is to attend fashion seminars, with lots of teens, and lots of fashionable people, is probably the hardest thing ever to pack for.
In essence, I'm trying to sum up my entire being and style in three outfits.

I tried to get all inspired, but that quickly resulted in my being convinced that the one thing I need for this trip is a sequined skirt, which of course is the one thing I do not own.

No matter. Here are my inspiration files and I hope to share with you how it all turned out, next week, apres trip...


1 comment:

debsfreckles said...

you could turn your sequenced dress into a skirt. I did that recently by tucking the top down and belting it and it worked out way better than I would have thought. Have a wonderful trip.