Saturday, February 4, 2012


You guys are going to be so proud of me and also happy when you hear the fantastic news that is about to spill from my... keyboard.

Ta-da! I'm officially back from my break!

This is the truth! And it is for very much reals this time. I even made a whole binder full of calendars so as to keep me on task and on schedule when it comes to the blog! Things are getting official over here.

(there's some proof if you need it. I've been having fun with fonts lately, or maybe it's officially 'typography' but I'm not interested in the particulars right now.)

While I was gone I...

-competed/participated at the Utah Distinguished Young Women program.
-Spent a solid two days putting together an interior design project.
-Got an iPhone. (oh yes.)
-Showed up to school on a major test day... without knowing there was a test.
-Redesigned the blog (as you can see)
-Got really good at Instagram
-Took photos of my outfits everyday in January
-Didn't clean my room
-Was successful at curling my hair (see photos at right)
-annd loved/still love my art history class.

So! You folks can expect to hear from me on Monday, while in the meantime you can follow it up on Instagram, Pinterest, My365, Twitter... the end.

XO Rosie


sweetevis said...

super cute fonts!! love it. can you share where you got them? :)

sweetevis said...

super cute love it! can you share where did you got those super cute fonts?? :)