Monday, February 6, 2012

the time I designed a whole house

Today involved me hanging out at  a college campus and a fifteen-minutes time period of presenting my interior design project to two judges. It was through FCCLA which is in essence the competition/club for classes of which fall under the description of "family and consumer sciences" and are basically the classes that apply to careers. That is the longest description I could ever have given.

We were given a scenario (a young couple moving into historic shotgun style house (12' wide.)) Then we had to redesign the floor plan and assemble the decor and finishes and jazz for the rest of the house... I ended up having a lot more pictures of this project than I at first reckoned, So here they are:

 First, I worked on these things for like, months.

 Then, I spent a solid two days gluing them down to these boards.
Solid. Two. Days.

 Then we took the bus to the competition, where I waited by reading As I Lay Dying,
my least favorite book.

 Then after we presented we waited in an auditorium with name tags that doubled as lunch tickets.

And then I got a gold medal!

This competition isn't really a competition, because your scored on your own merits not compared with others and rankings. This means that everyone in my interior design class got gold medals, and it was awesome.

the end!
XO Rosie