Saturday, July 28, 2012

gee whiz.

this week has been totally lame.
can you tell by how i didn't post after monday?

do you ever have weeks where you go to bed at one and wake up at ten and don't clean your room and don't do anything useful really at all? but it makes you crazy instead of glad? oh boy, that's how this week has been, and that is why i say this week has been totally lame.

okay, i can't say totally lame. my little brother and i went to band of horses, we've been redecorating my other little brother's room to surprise him when he gets back from camp, and i've been panicking about getting my Fashion U application in since i found out Grace Coddington is going to be there this year. (That deserves a post of it's own... Grace is the person I've been waiting for since the beginning!!)

and now for the reason i started writing this post! in working on my aforementioned Fashion U application, i went through all sorts of pictures from my styling archives. and i thought, "gee whiz i'm glad i have jefra!" and after that i thought "these look better all together than they do apart!" which led me to share with you these following collages:

so there you have it.
that post was almost written in a stream-of-consciousness form.
but then i revised it.

(thanks a million AP Lit)

XO Rosie

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