Monday, July 23, 2012

pinterest pairs : one

hello all!

you may have gathered by the fact that i numbered this post, that today i'm introducing a new... "column"? on this here blog. it is called pinterest pairs, which as the obvious name might suggest, is pairs of images gathered from the good old pinterest.

i want to address up front an issue that might be found with this column however, and that is the omnipresent internet issue of proper crediting. i so so strongly believe in proper crediting of images, however through pinterest and tumblrs etc, that is becoming increasingly more difficult (even with reverse-image searches and all). so, i want you all to know that i am trying my best to give proper credit to all of these images and avoid directing you to any tumblrs or pins, but i can't completely avoid that, so bear with me. and of course, lend me your knowledge if you know the origins of anything!

with that, here's #1, a little bit of coral in the form of pretty draping and pretty collars.

left: unknown, pinned here

XO Rosie

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