Friday, July 20, 2012

that girl.

wednesday was really boring. which is a funny thing to say considering it was day two of making two skirts in two days. i practiced my banjo, then i sewed myself a skirt, took some pictures, and ran an errand (which is actually so uncharacteristically productive) but then as i sat in my ten-million degree room i found myself feeling so terribly bored and uninspired and that's when i decided to ask myself...

"what would the super cool/cute/awesome girl you'd like to be be doing right now?"

my dears, that is the question to ask yourself. all of the time. when you're bored, when you're making decisions, when you're filling your planner, or surfing through blogs... i want to ask myself that question more often, and then i want to do the things that answer that question.

on wednesday the answer was "she would have a really immaculately clean and organized room and closet." so guess what i did...

i totally cleaned my room and closet.

XO Rosie

it's like dwight shrute likes to say "i ask myself 'would an idiot do that?' and if the answer is yes, i do not do that thing."
only in this case you DO do the thing the cool/cute/awesome girl would do.

embellished by me // image credit: here


kait said...

I bet cool/cute girls make Sweater Letterz for their Etsy shops ALL THE TIME! We should get on that.

Rosie said...

heck to the yes they would.
i finished mine. did you?