Friday, August 31, 2012

mia, australia, and mr rochester's hands.

first, look:

while i was perusing the web and having a personal dance party to party rock anthem ...what!? who said that? i came across this little piece of incredibly gorgeous called Mia Wasikowska for Harpers Bazaar Australia (August 2011) by Will Davidson & Jillian Davisonsheesh! sometimes i think my little old america is kind of not number one when it comes to pure fashion whimsy in terms of magazine editorials... i tell ya, some countries just get it right. but alright, i'll admit america has it's moments too.

now for the more related topic which is Jane Eyre, of which Mia here is the lead in the movie version of. I gotta say i LOVED reading Jane Eyre. and then i watched the movie with all sorts of anticipation and then BAM. There's Rochester with two hands still intact!! I was like, "whaa!? what's his hand still doing there!?" Because let's be honest, when i read that Mr Rochester lost his hand, i found great comedic joy in the passage.

so alright mr rochester...
here's to hoping i'll see you handless some day.
XO Rosie

that last line is just weird. 
but hey what can you do?

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