Thursday, August 30, 2012

neck bows yo.

sometimes i fancy myself a trend forecaster and tell people who read my blog what is what.

actually, i never fancy myself a trend forecaster, however i do not hesitate to tell people who read my blog what is what (that's what a blog is for, oui?) so let me tell you, neck bows are what is what for the upcoming season. i prefer the skinny ones with long tails, but i mean, you know me, and who am i kidding, i love the giant ones too!

also, this is the first gif i've ever made using photoshop and i think i deserve a small bit of applause for the job i did. i recognize that there are some rough spots that could be fixed, but i'd watch out, this might become a blog of pure gifs. 

not really.
who wants that.

i'll tell you what we want: we want neck bows!!
XO Rosie

crediting this is going to be the pits, but here goes, from left to right:
we did it!