Thursday, October 11, 2012


oh you guys!!
fact: i miss my blog!
other fact: i feel a little lost even writing this post
like i've been away for so long i don't even know where to start.

i've got to be honest here, because honesty is the best policy, and just tell you that life is hard.
surprise! i bet you never ever even knew that.
(i joke.)

but really, i think any freshly graduated working college freshman could tell you that.
add on hour-long commutes to both work and school, and serious shift lengths and if we're talking about me, you've got yourself a girl on the verge of a change-induced breakdown.
embarrassing but true.

my advice is to not do nothing all summer and then suddenly do everything at once in the fall. especially if you aren't a human who adapts to change well, like someone i know who is me.

so dearest bloggedy readers, if you read this, thanks for sticking around.
the weirdest part about writing posts is thinking that they're going to be read by like a lot of a real people, which is why i don't think about that very often but when i do it a) freaks me out and b) makes me feel really grateful that there are people who care to read my words.

i want to say that i'm really pumped to get back into the blog, but the truth is that things are still unsettled and i can actually make no guarantees as to when or how or how often i'm going to be back at it. but just so you know i'm ALWAYS around on pinterest and instagram, just so you won't miss me too much.

okay you guys.
i think this post needs to be over.

talk to you later!
xo Rosie

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ila ayomi said...

I love to read it.
Hope you'r doing fine there..

and hello.., I m ila:)