Friday, October 12, 2012

read a poem. it's good for you.

one day in high school my weird english teacher sprung this question on me as i walked into class: "who's you're favorite poet?"

i felt really relieved that i actually had an answer to that question as i told them it was Gerard Manley Hopkins. and then they were all scoffy and said "really? have you read Carrion Comfort?" and I'm like "no you weirdo, i don't read the ones about carrion." but i actually only said that in my head.

gee, i sure hope my english teacher doesn't ever find this blog and read it because they might be offended at how many times i just called them weird. 

the truth is that because Hopkins wrote my top few favorite poems, he basically might as well be my favorite poet even though i don't like all or maybe even most of his other stuff. what i'm getting to is that Binsey Poplars is one of my favorites.

read it:

i'd also like to take this moment to teach you guys something you might not know. it's called: when you read poetry you only stop at punctuation and you never just stop at the end of each line. it's called enjambment. i thought that was something most people knew, but then i went to college and no one in my humanities class knew that, so i'm now taking this opportunity to broaden your knowledge and enhance your poetry reading experiences.

okay, good lesson guys.
xo Rosie

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