Saturday, October 27, 2012

nyc round three: day two

annnd here we go! day two!

day two included all day of teen vogue fashion university! which was AMAZE because i got to see my favorite person ever who i'll tell you about in a small moment.

so. when i woke up i was really tired because i was still on utah time, but it was okay because i got on my outfit and curled my hair and set off, motivated by the awaiting swag and the desire for a good seat! i was so eager i forgot to even eat my bluberry muffin, so i was starving all day, but it was fine.

and thus it began...

Creative Director of Vogue
"I love going to Paris and seeing the shows... I mean you have to be there and it sounds dumb but I get really emotional looking at the clothes even if it's like a little t-shirt or skirt, if all the porportions and everything is right. and the other thing i look for in fashion is... i go to the showroom... [and] the first thing i do is turn the thing inside out and look how carefully it's made, that's incredibly important to me, you know I kind of grew up on couture..." -Grace Coddington

"Be nice to everyone!" -my notes

in which we tour the Teen Vogue offices
i bet you'd all be surprised to find out that the teen vogue offices are pretty much just teen vogue offices. however, they were home to the above pair of silky blue damask dr marten's that i'm really greedy about now...

 Designer and Project Runway Winner
"If he didn't really love doing it he wouldn't be doing it anymore." -my notes

Creative Director of Topshop
"I didnt' have the patience to make clothes, I realized I loved clothes and I loved the innovation of clothes but I wasn't that interested in getting to the finished product, I used to imagine what the finished product was but didn't want to be part of that process." -Kate Phelan

and then as we were off to the closing seminar i was so close to AMY ASTLEY the editor-in-cheif of teen vogue, that i got so determined to get a picture that small etiquettes may have been breached. (not really, i was just pushier than i usually am so i felt like i was putting myself way out there.) our conversation went like this:

"can i get a quick picture with you!? i know we're trying to get out of here fast..."-me
"of course, i like your collars."-her
"thanks! i like your dress!"-me
"omg the editor in chief of teen vogue likes my collars bestdayever"-my head

(and for some reason blogger won't let me format anything from here on out, so i apologize)

and then the authorities were like, okay kids we've got to get a move on you can get a picture with her after the seminar. and then i was real glad i was obnoxious because i had places to be afterward.

Amy Astley, Gloria Baum, Andrew Bevan, Jane Keltner de Valle
and two others whose names i cannot decipher.
"You don't know where life is gonna take you and it's good to have goals and hopes and dreams and whatnot but it's also really good to be kind of [open]." - Andrew Bevan

by this time i had somehow lost my pen so i mostly just looked around and took pictures of the pretty theater. oh boy. and that was the end of fashion u day one!

i then walked to the hotel to meet my mom and get all fancied up to go see our broadway play called... Nice Work If You Can Get It with none other than Matthew Broderick! it took us some effort to get to the theater because we had yet to become pros at the street system and/or using maps on our phones, and when we did we realized it was the same exact theater we'd seen Billy Elliot at two years ago. after settling in our seats and eating our treats of choice (roasted nuts from the street carts, you know...) we both admitted to getting verklempt when the orchestra started playing! that's the kind of humans we are though. we get kerklempt at hearing gershwin tunes played on broadway. how do you not!?

when it was over we were all cheery imagining how matthew broderick gets to go home to sarah jessica (parker) who we think is really glamorous and it was a great time but i was also starving so we went to shake shack (another place i'd already eaten at before) and took it to go.

at this point part of a very serendipitious sub-plot occured but this sub-plot gets a post of it's own and i am saving it for last because it is the best. so dont worry.

then at the hotel we ate our burgers and thought it was super cool that we were watching saturday night live (hosted by bruno mars) live from new york while we were in new york, and we also think bruno mars's dancing band is pretty cool. in fact, they are some of our favorites.

stick around for sunday
aka one of the best days of my life.
XO Rosie

also congrats on reading the longest post ever with the most pictures of me ever.

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