Wednesday, October 24, 2012

nyc round three: day one.

hello friends. i'm back from new york and am indeed experiencing a serious apres-city low.
it's dismal. real life is not as fun.

so what better way to avoid all responsibilty than to re-live the past four days while sharing them with you!? i decided the easiest way to go about this is to go day-by-day, and while we're at it you'll get to see what i wore, too!

so here we go: day one!

 please tell me you think the above picture is as hilarious as i think it is.
also i forgot to tell you that we somehow wore matching outfits... so people knew we were a team.

day one was friday and friday was our travel day. that plane ride is long and i somehow thought it would still be okay to wear my not-most-comfortable jeans. that was a bad choice. so, there i sat in the middle seat in my not-most-comfortable jeans and tried to ignore them by watching moonrise kingdom which was seriously awesome and darling (even though we could hardly hear anything because also planes are loud.) then we got off that plane and i adjusted my jeans at long last and then we waited in the cab line for too long. luckily it ended up being one of the less nauseating cab rides from the airport that i've experienced there, perhaps because i was bracing myself like "this is going to be nauseating so get ready" and then i was better at looking out windows and getting air so i was not so nauseated after all.

 skylines and pretty buildings. be still my heart.

after we arrived at our hotel we got the grand tour from the bellboy of which made us cranky and tired because we just wanted to pass out once we got to the hotel not get talked to for another hour, but it was fine because then we knew how to operate their fancy do not disturb sign properly.

 balloons, beats, hashtags. i mean what could be better!? my hair-do, that's what.

i then waffled around about changing outfits to go to the first event of teen vogue fashoin u at h&m, because i just wanted to wear my not-most-comfortable jeans and be done with it! but instead i ended up putting on a skirt and tights and we walked up fifth avenue to the partay. we also stopped to oogle over the louis vuitton windows which made me so happy because that louis vuitton stuff is some of my favorite right now. the h&m party was great and everything and i even got to embarrass myself a little with a conversation that went like this: "would you like one of these little tiny cookies?" said the male model server. "oh sure" said i, attempting to grab the cookie and the little cork platter it was on only to realize the cork platter is firmly attatched to the tray. "so wait do i take just the cookie?" i say. "uh you'd have to be really strong to get the cork off and then we would have to get a new tray," said the rude male model server. and i was like "fine then sir, i'm out!"

so after that we went to bloomingdales because i did a smart packing thing called buy-shoes-for-my-outfit-once-i-get-there. aka: not a smart packing thing. so we went to bloomingdales where they had no good shoes and we got hustled out the employee exit becuase we were there until it closed but we just had to get the free people shirt that was on sale, okay! we then had to go back to h&m where we more closely examined the shoe options and found some black wedge booties that fit the bill and at last we could go get dinner which was pizza at patsy's, where our friend took us on our first nyc trip. and in case you were wondering, we never try new restaurants.

 1. my face  2. the rainy city  3. complimetary cider in tiny cups at the hotel.

then on our cab ride back to the hotel something came on about heidi klum and it showed her standing on the final runway of project runway and we were like "blah! we never watched the finale!" so once at the hotel we finished off our day by watching who won project runway. and without saying names i'll just tell you that we were super glad about who won because we think he is a little bit really hilarious.

best post ever.
see you tomorrow to tell you about day two!
XO Rosie

ps: when i say "we" i'm talking about me and my mom, who are the two people who went on this trip.

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Karianne said...

This post was hilarious, Rosie! But I agree with you, - it feels wonderful to re-live memorable travel experiences. Looks like you had a really nice trip. Thanks for sharing!