Thursday, February 14, 2013


my wrist is having a happy valentines.
valentines days have always been pretty good in my book, even though i've never really had "a valentine". its mostly because valentines is my half-birthday, and half-birthdays are a huge deal when you have a summer birthday because its the only chance you get to make your class pay attention to the fact that you too have a birthday. in kindergarten my mama sent me to school with hershey kiss roses, and since then i've been pretty good friends with valentine's day.

so listen to some charles trenet
and i hope you have a lovely day.
XO Rosie

post script: also about today- me and some friends just saw Warm Bodies and in case you haven't yet you need to go watch it because of #zombieboyfriends. and then come back here and comment so we can talk about it. no like for real so good the end.

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