Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hey jcrew look at you

i've been super bugged with j. crew for the past couple seasons (maybe years), which sounds dramatic because it obviously is! no but really. i fell in love with j. crew back when jenna was new and they were doing all of the ruffles and pretties. then before we knew it everyone was doing ruffles and pretties and j. crew reverted back to boxy blouses, straight leg trousers, and color blocking and i've been left craving ruffles and pretties ever since.

however. i think fall 2013 is proving to be bit of a j. crew redemption in my book. a super-jeweled, richly colored, pointy-toe heeled redemption. (there's even a bit of cute retro-y back-to-school in the menswear that i might borrow). so without further ado... my favorite looks from j. crew's fall 2013 collection:

well done, jenna. well done.
XO Rosie

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Karianne said...

Agree. It's just wonderful ;-)