Tuesday, February 19, 2013

how i met matthew crawley

i just got around to watching the season finale of downton abbey and i write this post with a heavy heart. i wish i were more kidding but seriously how could downton do this to us!?
no spoilers here, but if you've seen the season three finale you will understand that this is as apropos a time as any to finally get around to writing this post.

i'm here today to tell you the story of how i met matthew crawley.
it is a serendipitous tale that takes place in three parts so without further ado...

FRIDAY: On the plane from UT to NY my mom was reading Vanity Fair (we heart Vanity Fair) and we happened upon this article about Dan Stevens and the fact that he was in a play called The Heiress on Broadway at that very moment. We were all like "hey! matthew crawley!' and then like "hey! he's in NYC!" and then "that would be so hilarious/great if we went to The Heiress! (because bonus: Jessica Chastain!)"

SATURDAY: We went to see Nice Work If You Can Get It (read about that here) and as we were walking back to the hotel, we passed a poster for The Heiress. But it wasn't just any poster (because they were everywhere) rather, it was a huge poster and it was right down by the street. So I was like "LOL his face is way huge" and then I was like
"matthew. crawley." 
(this is also when my mom was like "don't sit down! someone might have peed right there!" and I was like "true. and gross.") 
I instagrammed it and we thought it would be so hilarious/great if I followed it up with a picture of the real Dan Stevens. Once back at the hotel, I was looking through instagram hashtags and discovered that there were people of whom had their picture with the likes of Matthew Broderick and Dan Stevens due to the fact that they waited around after performances! That did us in and after getting more and more stoked we decided to just buy tickets for the next evening, only now with a renewed hope that we could get a picture with the REAL M.C.! Dreams were really coming true.

SUNDAY aka the best day of my life thus far: Sunday was jam packed with lots of fun and excitement including a new dress and a chamber orchestra at lincoln center with lots of oldies. But, as you may imagine the best was yet to come. We rushed straight from said orchestra (complete with a costume change in the bathroom by yours truly i really wanted to wear my new dress) and arrived at The Heiress right on time. Despite dizzying balcony seats, the play was still fantastic. But we still munched on our street vendor treats impatiently for it to be over. Afterward we put all dignity aside and waited at the stage door with other weird theater people and normal Downton Abbey fans and well... you'll see:

annnnd i then remembered that he had an accent (he was American in the play) and he was like "I like your disco balls!" (referring to our phones) and we were like "We like you!" not really but in our heads. And as you can imagine I kept this as my phone wallpaper for probably months... sorry to mom who got cropped out.

After that we just wandered around Times Square almost getting hit by cars because we were in an omg-i-just-met-matthew-crawley-daze.... because in case you were wondering, he was so. charming.
but i suppose this is 
goodbye forever, matthew crawley!

XO Rosie


kait said...

I'll sell my soul for Matthew Crawley.

kait said...
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Rosie said...

you need to calm down ma'am.